Marvelous Marble.

A photographic experiment, a snap of a marble windowsill in a hotel room I was staying at, taken with my 100mm macro.

And then veritably blasted, modified, mollified, manhandled and modified by  various selections of Elements, Viveza and Nik Color and Nik Silver.

I like the finished effects, let me know in the comments below what you think!

The first is just the cleaned up basic image.


The next is a very tweaked version…(Nik Analog Efex)




And lastly a Nik Silver version…



I like that mono version myself, it sort of reminds me of a Hubble star field/deep space picture.


Thanks for looking.




4 thoughts on “Marvelous Marble.

  1. Great idea. I really like these shots. Simple but interesting. I think the first image is the most pleasing but the second is most interesting and makes you look twice. I’m not sure about the black and white as the tones seem to lose separation.

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