Gloucester Cloisters.

Gloucester Cathedral

I know, the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral again.

Frankly, I have been busy and have had little time to go and do the things I love to do, namely get my 7d out and snap away.

But sometimes a dry spell in taking photographs can make you look anew at older and previously ignored pictures.  It is actually something I love about photography…sometimes a picture needs a few months (or longer) on a hard drive before I see some potential in it.

Sometimes I think this is because I need to forget the image I originally tried to take and actually look at the image I did take.  It is great when the picture turns out exactly as you wished…but this doesn’t happen every time.  And after some time has passed the failings of a given image seem less important than the successes.

There is probably some deep life lesson in there, see the value in what you have or stop and smell the roses or some such.

I will leave it to my readers to tease out any deep meaning inherent in my rambling words.


So thanks for looking and expect another picture in the next day or two!


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