Zombiewalk 2014, Birmingham.

Every year in Birmingham (and other hotspots around the world) the Undead arrive on a certain day of the year. On Saturday 12-09-2014 they came this year, a horde of Zombies of all ages and levels of decay.

The Birmingham walk is done in aid of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Which is about as a good a cause as you can possibly get.


On a personal level this event is becoming my White Whale. Every year I look forward to going, sure in the hope of getting some interesting photos. But every year I am thwarted in some unforeseen fashion. Last year I ended up having to work very early on that day, on by the time I got to the event I was frankly too tired and grumpy (proper old man these days) to get into the spirit and ended up leaving early.

This year coincided with my wife’s birthday, by the time I got to the event after sorting out the various party arrangements required for that particular celebration…the Walk was essentially over.  But I did get more images than last year, but I make no claims as to them being particularly good.

But, at least I did better than on previous attempts. (Link to last years efforts)

A link to the Zombiefacebook page, for those interested.

Zombie timewarp!


And, perhaps anticlimactically after that video…





Brainz are clearly not as tasty as Quavers,





That is my personal favorite, taken on my Iphone also, I know it’s not a new revelation…but phone cameras are amazing these days.




Technically this is rubbish, the creature lunged at me a mere moment after I had pressed the shutter button. Thus leaving this blurred shot, however I think the effect strangely adds to the flavor. So rather than the rubbish bin, here it is.



I knew Marvel was “killing” off their biggest cash cow Wolverine in a blatant attempt to generate sales, and we all know this reported permanent death will be no such thing. But I didn’t expect to meet zombie Logan on the streets of Birmingham!



If you have got this far, then thank you.

In the spirit of the day I will shake my metaphorical charity tin and say there are way to donate to the Childrens Hospital, and It would be remiss of me not to ask for those who want to save the children (so no added guilt based pressure on this blog) togo and donate a few units of currency to the Hospital.

The DONATE page at the Childrens website.


Thanks again!



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