Weekly Photo Challenge. Saturation.

Wales, Conwy

Two photos for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge.

The one above is a reworking of a previously seen photo, I have been experimenting with some custom pre-sets in Nik Color and for the most part having mixed results. But this is one I quite like, it has a pseudo HDR look to it.

And it is certainly saturated.

The next is not a result of Nik Color, it is a result of my curiosity.

Inspired by the challenge I wondered how much color and detail I could push into a photo and not make it look terrible. This is just a result of Elements and Viveza (I love Viveza, I think I prefer it to Nik Color…but that is a topic for another post).

Enough rambling…here we have a random statue from my beloved Gloucester Cathedral.

Tweaked to the max!


Gloucester Cathedral


And quite possibly tweaked beyond the limit of sensible tweaking.


Thoughts and opinions are of course welcome.


Thanks for looking.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Saturation.

  1. I use Nik Color and Viveza for all my post processing. I choose Viveza when i want a more controlled and subtle editing. In Nik Color i have created some presets that i use after importing an HDR image from Photomatix. Both your images are very good! The first one with the boats might be a just a bit over saturated as you mention but it still works. What i don’t like so much is the blue tone in the clouds, i get that all the time in my photos too but i always lower the saturation specifically for the clouds. The second image is really great, i haven’t got anything to add really 🙂 Would be interesting to make a post about Nik color and Viveza, i’m sure people will have different opinions!

    • I have been thinking about doing doing a short series of posts on how I use Nik plugins, it might be interesting (or maybe not:) ) for people. Perhaps especially for those who don’t know or haven’t used NIk.

      As to the colors in the first, I agree that they are a tad over saturated, but I like the overall slightly unreal look. At the very least it is interesting.;)

      Thank you for commenting, the main reason I have this blog is for a fresh perspective on my shots, so yours are gratefully received.

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