Weekly Photo Challenge. Forward.

Jetty on Lake Windermere.An image of one of the many little piers out into Lake Windermere in the spectacular Lake District of the UK, and converted into black and white via Nik Silver Efex pro.

For me this a image for the weekly photo challenge for more than the obvious reason.

Ignoring the obvious nature of why I think this is a worthy image for the challenge I would like to explain the less obvious and certainly more personal reason why I have put this forward.

Simply put, it isn’t as good as it could have been…I screwed it up!.

I actually like the image a lot, but I am (perhaps) my own harshest critic, and the sad truth is that I was in the wrong place when I took the photo.

I knew the image I wanted when I lined the shot up, crouched down as low as could get and steadily and gently composed the shot in the frame. After taking the photo everything looked ok on that little screen on the back of the Canon 7d that makes all photo’s look like amazing works of art.

Upon getting home and uploading them onto my pc for a big screen perusal I noticed my error. I had crouched down as low as I could, but I had done so upon a slight embankment that was perhaps 30 inches or so higher than the gravelly beach.

If I had simply been a few inches further forward I would have been (in effect) a couple of feet lower…the perspective would have been much better.

Such a silly and small lack of attention to detail, and the moment has gone.

So this final picture for me is a visual record of a stunning morning in the Lakes, a nice testament to what a bit of software can do to an image and most of all a reminder of paying attention to the little details.

In short, and linking it back to the challenge subject…to move forward in my photography I need to be as aware of the tiny details as I am (maybe?) of the large things.

Thanks for reading.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Forward.

  1. Very nice photo, tonal values and such. When in England, every so many years, Manchester is my home base to roam from the Scottish border into Wales. I always try to spend more than just a day at that darn Lake District.

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