Springing To My 300th Post.

Springer Spaniel, Clent Hills

This post has given some trouble, so much so I have spent a week going over my options.

Why, you ask?

300th post!

Any arbitrary number such as 300 seems to require some sort of fanfare, a special occasion.  Perhaps a 12 gun salute.

But it is very hot today, work has been the usual depressing series of events.  And I can’t think of anything witty to do. And I have run out of patience with my own procrastination.

So here we have  Jess the Springer Spaniel and the Clent Hills. Treated to a bit of Nik Silver Efex Pro.


Thanks for looking, subbing, liking and commenting over the past 300 posts.


And here is looking forward to the next 300!




11 thoughts on “Springing To My 300th Post.

  1. Congratulations…..It is mad how us bloggers dwell over these things – nobody else would probably notice – but we do and mull endlessly over that significant symbolic thought or image, probably why we blog Maybrick 😀

  2. Thank you for the like on my Conwy and Bangor photo’s
    I’m getting awfully close to 500 photo’s. Should reach it somewhere next month I think. That really ís some magic milestone 🙂

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