Return of the Cathedral!

Gloucester Cathedral. Cloisters.

The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral, for about the millionth time.

But I find them beautiful, and well worth posting up more than a few photos of them.

Having visited numerous times now at various times of the day and year, I have noticed the different mood the varying amounts of sun illuminating the halls sets.


Anyway, the dog is insisting we go for a walk, so I must shorten my ramblings.

Thanks for looking.




8 thoughts on “Return of the Cathedral!

  1. I agree with you.
    The Cloisters are absolutely stunning and your photographs excellent. I could go to the cathedral dozens of times just to see the effect of the light at different times of the day.

  2. Spot on!
    I think it would be cool to make a video of the changing light through the day – as you comment, it’s always different, time of day, time of year and weather all make subtle changes.

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