A Bit of Cloisters!


I have been holding on to this one for a while, the cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral.  They have appeared in this blog many times, and I have many more that will probably never get around to doing anything with.

Now this is all about the edit, Nik Color was employed to give it that golden and somewhat ethereal look.

For my money this is currently my personal favorite image that I have taken/made of the cathedral.

And given my current wallowing in self-pity I need a bit of a pictoral boost.


Now this image is available to buy on my mostly underused Redbubble page, I only need to sell about 270000 pictures a year with the ridiculous cut RB takes for itself (can’t complain, it is free) to about equal my current (former!) wage. How hard can that be?


If I am going to try an market my photography effectively I may actually need to investigate a more sensible option than the Redbubble.

If only I wasn’t so lazy.


Thanks for looking.




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