More Archive Delving, and a Mystery!


Every so often I like to go back through old photos. Sometimes a photo can sit on your hard drive for months or years and you just don’t really pay attention to it, even if you are quite familiar with it. But with the passage of time I believe (in a loose sense) that a photograph can mature, like a fine wine.

It’s qualities may have not been obvious, there might have been flashier images that took center stage at the time. But these slow burners were sitting there…waiting…maturing.

And then at some point you look at it again, and you notice it.  And as time has gone by maybe you yourself have picked up a few things, learned a few photoshop tricks. Or just maybe you have new image processing toys which allow you to see the image in a new way.

I remember taking this picture in early May last year. There had been a lot of snow, so Bluebell season had been delayed a bit. All that green are Bluebells, but Bluebells a few weeks from flowering. In contrast, by early May this year we had that lovely blue carpet.  There are  plenty of images on this blog to attest to that.

So I took this snap, I had noticed the strong shadows and felt it worthy of a shutter release or two.  And I gave it no more thought.

For over a year it sat there on my hard drive, occasionally glanced at, but ignored.  No blue, no pretty flowers. Just some shadows.

Not that interesting really.


But this morning I looked at it again. I haven’t been out much for the past few weekends. Rain and a horrid cold and an unusually  busy social calendar have presented problems with being able to spend much time out in the hills and woods I love so much.  So today I looked at it. And I noticed what should have been obvious a year ago, and the times I have looked at it in the intervening months.

Have you seen the oddity?  The strange element?

The sun was clearly low (ish) and to the left. About 11 o clock. All the shadows of the trees attest to that. Except for that off center-right tree. That tree has no earthly business having its own independent shadow. Why does it not have a shadow in line with all the other trees? Why does the shadow it does have indicate a separate light source, lighting only this one tree and no other.

I was there a year ago, and I would certainly remember another sun temporarily appearing in the sky.

I am puzzled!

I will say that if anyone has any ideas how this could have happened I would love an answer in the comments below. Ask around, I really would like a rational explanation.  If you haven’t a clue maybe a friend does!


I will say (for the record) that Photoshop and Nik, (and editing in general) have only been used to improve colors/contrast etc. Levels and curves. I did not manipulate this to generate a mystery.

In anyone is truly skeptical (good for you) I can upload the original file.


Answers on a postcard please, or simply down below if that is easier.



Thanks for looking!



4 thoughts on “More Archive Delving, and a Mystery!

  1. Wierd, it shows up on every device and browser I use, I wonder if others can’t see it also.
    I might never get an answer to my little mystery!

    Or does the mystery deepen, with missing shadows and now missing photos.

    Cue scary music:)

  2. If you notice the base of that tree, the shadow APPEARS to start heading in the same direction as the others and then takes a turn. I suspect that the top of the tree is broken off (lightning?) but is still attached part-way up.

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