Weekly Photo Challenge – Best of 2017

As a close to a year it’s always worthwhile to have a look back over the previous 12 months and see whats what. As the current Photo Challenge is exactly what I have been having a think on anyway, let’s go for it!

Its been an interesting year, work has been rubbish. And looking back over the several years this blog has been running, it is apparent than when I’m miserable at work my creative drive plummets.  But that also means that when I do rouse myself to take some time out and go play with my trusty 7D, then I feel the results sometimes are better.

So what does that mean, in a nutshell, I haven’t produced many photos this year. But the ones I have taken I am very happy with.

The snaps above are by no means by “best” (such a subjective term!). I have taken prettier images, cleverer images, I’ve had a reasonable year saleswise over at Maybrick – Redbubble. Not remotely enough to retire on, but certainly multiple sales…so thats actually amazing. So I’ve had a (very VERY VERY loosely speaking, by my very humble standards) commercially successful year, so in the context of the challenge do I think of those images that have sold?


I have been drawn to the above pictures more times than any other picture I have taken this year, and perhaps ever.  I just love them.

So there we have it, a beach in Yarmouth, UK. March 2017.


Thanks for looking, and here is looking forward to a better 2018.






And what was my best seller this year, a question I hear literally no one asking?

This barn owl! literally multiple people have bought this for pillow covers.


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