Shoot for the Moon!


It’s been a while.

A few months ago now (time flies!) I shot my first wedding.  It was a favour for a friend, and the first time I have really used my camera “professionally”.

And, to cut a long story shot…I loved it.  In another life I would have loved to be a wedding photographer.  In the life I do have I am unsure how to proceed.  I could say more, and as I type this I really wish I would have put my thoughts into writing at the time. I have probably forgotten much of what I though I would want to remember.

But regardless of lessons learned and swiftly forgotten,  after that fairly intense and enjoyable experience I just felt no interest in picking my camera up again.  My camera mojo had left me.

I would love to snap another wedding/event/whatever…but taking my camera to Clent or some other place had no appeal whatsoever.

When you have had a pint of Guinness then settling for a glass of Carling just will not do.

And all that is irrelevant with regards to the MOON!

The moon was lovely and full last night (15.10.16), so I busted out my 1980’s heavy-duty tripod and remote shutter release…and snapped away.

I felt my mojo creeping back!

I love my 70-200L, but just get so little chance to use it.  It worked a treat here though.

The images are only tweaked very slightly in Elements, apart from cropping and enlarging a bit they are essentially straight out of the camera (via RAW).

Not exactly unique shots, but I am pleased.




Thanks for looking!


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