I thought I knew Kinver quite well. I have been there often, and many of the photographic results of those visits have graced these bloggy pages.  But (due to having the excitable hound with me) I have always limited my adventuring to areas I am already familiar with.  The last thing I want is the dog to chase a squirrel into a road that I didn’t know was there.

But that said, this past Sunday I ended up walking new and unfamiliar paths. The weather was glorious and the spirit of adventure was abroad.

As a result I saw a whole new side of Kinver. Figuratively and literally speaking.  Kinver Edge is somewhat famous for it rock caves, and a photographic extravaganza will follow…

But I also found the above field of yellow and red.  The poppy pics of the past few posts are of the flowers present in this photo.

But the more I look at the shot the more I like it.  It looks like some oil painting.

It’s an odd thing, but usually at the end of a photographic explore I will look at my work and see the usually mix of bad, ok and (if lucky) a few nice shots.  By some weird alchemy when I reviewed Sundays haul…I found very little I didn’t like.  Dozens of nice clean snaps.

An oddly good day!


Enjoy a gallery of past Kinver explorations.


As ever, thanks for looking.


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