A Noobs Review of the Canon 10-18mm IS.

I’m still playing around with my new 10-18mm lens.  I like it, and I certainly think it is worth its cost.

But considering how (relatively) cheap it is, that might not be saying much. The canon 10-18mm IS is “only” £180. For a lens this is practically bargain basement. But cheap and cheerful are two things thar rarely go together with lenses (in my limited experience).

Buying any lens (or far that matter anything related to photography) has always been a process for me of doing lots of reading, lost of research.  Consequently I am rarely surprised by a purchase. Or least I am rarely disappointed. I am usually aware of the foibles of the item I am acquiring. So far my method has only led to positive reactions.  And I usually buy the best quality product for the price I am willing to spend.  My 70-200L F4.0 has been a delight. My 100mm macro L has been perfect. My little 50mm 1.2 is a cheap feeling lens that always seems about to fall apart.  But it was £99 and it’s shortcomings were anticipated.

All this is obviously leading somewhere.  The 10-18mm IS is…puzzling. I don’t know if my copy is bad, or it’s just a bit poor…or it’s just I am inexperienced with wide angles and my issues are just my overly ambitious expectations.  It is important to note that I bought this lens with zero knowledge of its image quality.  Maybe it was a sudden rush of blood to my head, maybe I am just going senile very early in life. Or maybe I was just bored and wanted to be a bit spontaneous.

There is one image I have taken recently which sums up one of my biggest issues…


Two thirds (the bottom 2/3) are great. I like the colours and textures the lens captured. It’s easily sharp enough. It is good.

Then it goes wonky. I understand that distortion is expected. Straight lines inevitably will become curved at the extremities of the image.  It’s wide angle…of course it is going to bend a few lines. But look at that top beam across the  ceiling, I expected a curve when I took the shot. I didn’t expect a wavy line.  Again, I may be being pedantic. But it looks very wonky to me.

Wonky is a technical term.

PT 2 of this little review will follow.


One thought on “A Noobs Review of the Canon 10-18mm IS.

  1. it might not be as bad as you think. The domed roof could be creating angles of it’s own. Maybe try it straight on to a rectilinear subject – a brick wall or flat roof line – to differentiate lens and subject effects. But a 10mm zoom is always going to be a fairly extreme design, and very difficult to fully correct. It’s normal to have various exotic kinds of distortion in ultra-wide zooms. T

    he shot is great. I really like the previous one in B&W of the same roof, too.

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