Gordon Gecko.


I have no idea if this chaps name is actually Gordon, but if it isn’t…it should be.

Gordon lives at Bristol Zoo and was kind enough to allow me and my trusty 100mm macro to photograph him.

I may have said it before, but if not I will say it again.

The Canon 100mm IS L is just an amazing lens. Worth every penny.

The following is a crop of the above image…



The image represents probably less than 5mm square, and was taken from about 24 inches away. Hand held and with less than perfect lighting.

So good:).

The biggest difficulty I have found is that the depth of field is very slender. A few millimeters and you will be out of focus. This is of course tricky when you need a wide open aperture to get a decent image (shoddy lighting for photography in reptile/zoo exhibits is usual)..but that f2.8 aperture narrows the depth of field still further.  Hence Gordon up top has had his photo cropped in the way I have. You can see how the image swiftly goes out of focus.

But that is all part of the challenge!

Thanks for looking.



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