New Toy and Old Abbey.


I’ve been after a wide-angle lens for ages.  But they always seemed quite expensive for something I am unsure how much use I will get out of. In fact, given my 100mm macro is pretty much permanently attached to my camera these days, you pretty much can’t get more of an opposite.

But then by chance I stumbled across the Canon 10-18mm.  And it is only a relatively cheap £180 in the Queens pounds.

It is not an “L” lens, so I don’t imagine it will be a bulletproof mechanically as those wonderful lenses. But the closest comparison I can see after a quick google is the Canon 8 – 15mm L, which although no doubt better in every conceivable way… is also £1080.  £900 difference is quite significant I think.

So I have been on a trip to Tewkesbury Abbey, which by some weird contrived coincidence was consecrated almost 900 years ago.  900 years vs £900…it’s a sign!

Probably not.


Anyway, it’s going to take me a while to get the measure of it.  But so far I am genuinely impressed, it’s light (hopefully that doesn’t mean its fragile) and it even has Image stabilisation.

I plan a trip out to the woods and hills ASAP to give it a try in the wide (geddit?) outdoors.

I have some observations to make after my one afternoon of Abbey shooting, but I think I need to have a few more sessions before I give a proper verdict.

But regardless…




Thanks for looking!


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