Because the Internet Needs More Cat Pictures.


I have been going through some old folders that I managed to recover from an old hard drive from a long dead PC.  And I found these snaps of 2 of the three cats of the Maybrick household.

Why not share these two moggies with the world?

The youngster above is young Daisy. Who is tiny, 6 years old and probably related to herself in the incestuous way that only domestic cats poorly cared for by their previous human slaves can achieve.  Meaning, her mother and father where likely also her sister and brother.  Very confusing.

Daisy likes eating mice, annoying the hell out of our springer spaniel and having frequent tapeworms.  And being a very strange creature, even by catty standards.

Then we have the grand old girl.

Patsy. 16 years old, no teeth left and still fit as a fiddle.  More or less.



Do not mess with Patsy.


If you do she will get all…sleepy.




So tired…




zzzzzzz  zzzzzzzz


Thanks for looking.



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