Golden Oldie.

Golden Eagle

I have posted this before, but I like it. So its back.

This blog is 4 years (ish) old, and up till now I have never reposted anything. Whether it be my own stuff or that of anybody elses.

But i’m changing that policy in 2016.

But also, spam.

We all get them, idiotic messages that we never read.  But on rare occasions they can be funny or almost…poetic.

A little while ago Dr Mbutu was offering to cast love spells for me. I was touched, but thought it best to decline the offer.

Because its obvious crap, but oddly funny nontheless.


But the other day I had this…

“You can spread out a couple of seashells across the sandy surface and use blue-colored pebbles to generate an artificial
ocean for your fairy garden.”


Which is so bizarre and nonsensical, but also strangely poetic.

I find myself hoping that particularly poetic spambot can send me some more oddly pretty sentences.




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