Bonobo 3.


I think this is my favourite of my three posted Bonobo picrures.

I’m generally ok with Zoo’s, but I believe that certain animals shouldn’t be kept.  Dolphins and Orca whales are treated horribly by simply being kept in an oversized swimming pool when they should have entire oceans to roam in (those theme parks in America…shameful).

I think that if an animal is by nature stupid, too stupid to realise its confinement then things are fine.  A creature that probably understands those walls shouldn’t be there…not so much.

Twycross Zoo lives in a grey area for me though. On the one hand I feel that Chimps, Bonobos, Gorillas and Orang-Utans should be free and roaming their respective forest habitats.  But in those habitats they are being killed and slowly (and not so slowly) being exterminated by that most unsavoury of predators…us.

I’m not going to go on about the plight of the great apes, they are just another of our victims in our relentless need for space and wood and land and everything.

But in that unfortunate context Twycross Zoo is a modern day Noah’s Ark (it has the benefit of not being a fictional rehash of a Babylonian myth as well). They are heavily into conservation and captive breeding.

It is just a shame that this ape is sitting down, contemplating the interesting looking blade of grass, with that dam wall there. That should be jungle.

A sad and thoughtful thanks for reading this far.


4 thoughts on “Bonobo 3.

  1. A pensive photo. The other day one of the orang utans at Melbourne Zoo worked out how to get out of the enclosure & was obviously heading off to somewhere new. Clearly answers your point about the great apes – if they weren’t ‘on display’ it might be better although I often sense they are observers of us more than we are of them.

  2. Actually I just read to news report and Malu (which means shy in Indonesian) escaped by throwing his blanket over the top wire and pulling it down then climbing up and over and on to the roof. Definitely not stupid!

    • Thats pretty awesome in its own way. And you can sometimes definitely get the feeling of wondering excactly who is on display. Parents with little control over their dirty screaming offspring, rolling around in the dirt and flinging poo….and the young apes playing in a fairly civilised and controlled manner.

      • One day while I was at the zoo some kids were being ratty but one of the older orang utans had a little group mesmerised as she was using her blanket to play peek a boo with them through the glass. It was really clear she was interacting with them at their level – just beautiful.

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