Forgot About This One.


This was taken in the summer of 2013, was edited…and forgotten.

After being forced to do a bit of hard drive spring cleaning (15000 RAW files will clog up a pc quite a lot it seems) I stumbled upon this one.

Also, I didn’t take half as many photos in 2014 as I did in 2013. And while I like to think 2014’s output was better, I am still a bit saddened at my lack of photographic adventures.

I think that the never-ending problems at work conspired to suppress my artistic interest, and truthfully they still are.

Which brings me back to this photo. Looking at a bright summers day, with a mad happy Springer springing around makes me smile.

2014 might have been fairly terrible in many respects, but 2015 will be good. I will make it so!

Thanks for looking.



Oh, and have the mono version as well.




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