Watching The Watcher.


At the foot of the Clent Hills is Uffmoor Wood, and I have driven past the car park for these woods more times than I can count…but for some reason I never actually went into them.

The other day I (and my faithful and usually excited Springer) decided to change that and in we went.

The old gentleman in the photo clearly had been caring for these woods for a long time, and he was telling me about the 40 or so Fallow Deer the inhabit these woods. I though that it would be lovely to get a shot of one, but I didn’t expect to.  About half an hour later I found the fellow watching a doe!

A deer!

A female deer!

Fortunately I happened to be sporting my 70-200mm lens (for some experimental shots that will appear soon) and managed to get a few of the deer watcher watching the deer.




If only I had a bigger lens than my 70-200.

If I still have a job in a month I may treat myself to much bigger zoom.


And since I have made mention of the hound, Jess…it only seems appropriate to post a picture from that deer day.



Just throw the ball, will you!

Just throw the ball, will you!



Thanks for looking!



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