Crossing Branches.


I found this sitting in an old file that I haven’t looked at for a while, I like it enough to post up here.

I think it is of the woodland at Kinver, but I am not sure.

Onto the main reason for posting…



There is some development on my shaky job front.

I am now officially in the grey area between employment and the que at the Job Center.  By this I mean I received my letter today informing me my job no exists.

18 years and it is all over.

What happens next is I must apply for the replacement post, there are 20 people aiming for 15 jobs.  One of those people I in competition with is my wife.

There is the potential of a reasonable redundancy package, but the NHS makes sure there are numerous hoops to jump through…so actually qualifying for this payment is not at all certain.

There is more that I could say, but for now there seems little point.

The interviews are due to be held in a few weeks, so there is further waiting to be done.

If I am unsuccessful in that interview there will be no reason to remain behind my anonymity.  I have posted behind the “Maybrick” name for years, I am required to be registered to a professional society, and as such they can (theoretically) take away my ability to practice. I can be struck off.  This blog has never been controversial, but when I started it I didn’t know where it would go.

If my pharmaceutical career comes to a halt in a few weeks I will no longer feel that I need to protect my “professional” name (i.e. my real name) and neither shall I feel obligated to allow the NHS Trust that is trying to ruin my life to also remain shrouded in mystery.  More than this I will rename/rebrand this blog to me.  My budding photography business will be launched and it will be time to become self-employed.

Stay tuned for more despair/optimism.


Thanks for looking, and thank you for the kind comments I have received in support to date.

Those kind words are genuinely appreciated.


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