Sunset Over Swan Pool.

Sunset Over Swan pool.

Sunset over Swan Pool, West Bromwich.

In the middle of urban West Bromwich, in the Midlands of the UK is a little oasis of green and water.  The lake is teeming with waterfowl of all kinds, Geese, Swans, Coots and Herons are just a few of the species that I saw tonight without really trying.

But I was really there to try to capture a decent sunset.

Which I think I managed to do.

This blog has been quiet of late as the situation with my precarious job situation is wearing me down, and I suppose a bit of lethargy built of worry and melancholy has built up.  A few weeks from now and I will have to apply for my own job.  Which I have been doing for 18 years.

If I do get it the new job description contains a significant amount of new responsibilities and an increase in weekend work. If I don’t get it I face at best a downgrade and very significant pay cut and at worst a downgrade and significant pay cut as well as a move of job to somewhere else.

As said in a previous entry, I would actually prefer a redundancy payment. However this is unlikely, as whilst the NHS pretends to be a “caring profession” this caring is only from us (the staff of the NHS) to you (the public). Within the NHS the bureaucracy is downright vindictive and evil.  The machinery of managers who have no patient contact is designed to crush the resistance and soul of its mere employees.  They would rather drive a person to a mental breakdown and then opt for a dismissal based on breach of contract than show any loyalty to staff that have dedicated their lives to helping people.

In order to qualify for that redundancy payment one must battle a gigantic bureaucracy designed to prevent you from qualifying for that redundancy.

So I must soon have an interview, which I loathe (and have avoided, because I really hate interviews) and all this comes with the added stress that my wife is also in the same situation. So we could both end up with a huge pay cut, which would change our lives massively.


I’m in a worried and bleak frame of mind today.


Hopefully optimism will return tomorrow.


Thanks for getting this far.



6 thoughts on “Sunset Over Swan Pool.

  1. What a beautiful photo….I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles with work.
    The NHS management is everything which is wrong with this wonderful institution. Bring back clinician managed services, matrons and medic heading up and managing dedicated teams….and things would be much improved.
    The current cuts are being implemented in terrible ways and I’m so sorry that both you and your wife are having to suffer this.

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