Cruel World.



A month or two ago I took my 100mm macro lens on a mini garden safari.  Back then the Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus) population of the wilderness of my back yard was young and small.

But several weeks on those tiny predators are mostly fully grown, and looking pretty spiffy.  I’m a big fan of spiders, and I think the very common species as shown in the above picture is one of the more beautiful varieties to be found.

On the other hand I am not really a fan of insects, in particular flying insects of almost all kinds somewhat freak me out.  I am a fan of butterflies and moths, but beyond that…the little blighters give me a shiver when I see them.

So when I saw this…


…I was somewhat torn.  The wasp was still alive, and not at all happy (assuming a wasp can even experience at all).  I can only assume that the Aphid was cruelly mocking the doomed wasp.  I doubt that it was offering comfort.  But despite fighting that shiver of the spine I courageously took some shots.


Still, for all the unfortunate things going on in my personal life right now…at least I not this wasp.  I am not doomed.

It does feel a little like it though.



Thanks for looking.


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