County Sligo, Ireland.

Ireland, SligoI had an all to brief visit to the land of my forefathers (or more specifically, the land of my Grandfather) last week. Ireland!

Long term followers of this blog will (maybe) remember that this is not the first time I have been to Enniscrone and Mayo, but last week was remarkable for the sheer horrible weather. It rained almost continually, so whatever photographs I did take were in the brief gaps in rainfall.

Usually I will return from my journeys to Ireland with some amazing sunset captures, as I  will take the Pepsi challenge with Enniscrone and say they get the best sunsets anywhere.

But not this time, sadly.


Given the terrible weather I didn’t really trouble myself with taking to many pictures of things I have taken before, so I will take this opportunity to re post a few of my favorite snaps of yesteryear.


Enniscrone, Ireland


enniscrone sunset


Thanks for looking.



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