Sunset and Clouds!



Everyone loves a good sunset, and I am no exception.

I think it takes as much luck as skill and knowledge of the area as any other factor.

There is some weird alchemy between the glowing ball of nuclear fire at the center of our Solar System, the clouds in the sky of this pale blue dot on which we ride around that fireball in the sky, and where we are standing on that tiny little planet.ย  Some nights nothing much happens and others the sky throws up some dazzling wonders.

I was very happy to be out with dog and camera a few nights ago to witness this. And the whole light show lasted just a few minutes and then it was over.


And I thought to try my luck again tonight, but it was not to be. Clouds and rain and wind made for an altogether brief stroll around my beloved hills in Clent. So no orange fire in the sky.


But I did have a play around with Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 with one of the shots I did get and….



Equally as dramatic I think, but just about the opposite in tone and mood.


Thanks for looking!




5 thoughts on “Sunset and Clouds!

  1. Great sunset and I was glad to see the green grass and foliage included in the frame. Somehow it makes it more realistic than images which only show the sun and sky colour.

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