I am still learning my way around my macro lens, I do not have a tripod so I am forced to depend upon steady hands and image stabilization technology.

But even a slight breeze and there is no chance of a sharp image, add in a depth of field that covers just a few millimeters and you can see how tricky a macro shot can be.

Precision work! If I was so inclined I suppose these things could be done under controlled conditions at home in a makeshift studio.Ā  But I simply love being out in the woods, lying down on the damp leaf litter and fending off a confused dog.

And then (assuming we have a workable image) it’s time to process the results.Ā  I have noticed that Bluebells (it’s probably true for all flowers, but I have experience of just these at the moment) are very easy to mess up in photoshop. The colors are so easy to change well beyond what I would like.Ā  This one is no exception, it is just a bit too blue.

But despite it not being that accurate a representation of the original colors, and even though I didn’t nail the focus…I still like it.


Thanks for looking!



5 thoughts on “Bluebell!

  1. Without tripod it is very difficult to do this very sharp !!!
    So congrats šŸ™‚
    I have a tripod and it change my life in macrophotography like you said because of the very small depth of field. When I shoot little flower my tripod is not adapted to this so I do as I can and I don’t breath to maximize my chances to be sharp and I’m waiting for no breeze. But add to the fact take I am in an uncomfortable position, you have a lot of bad pics. And with some experiment you will succeed more and more.
    I wish you a lot of fun with your lens (60mm 90 mm or more, which one have you got), you will see the world with a new way :-)!!!!!!!
    Have a nice evening

      • I have the 60mm canon and I really think to change to yours or with 105 sigma ( it is not the same price at all if I take the canon with stabilization šŸ˜‰ )
        I have to really think about that …..
        Thanks for following šŸ˜‰

  2. Beautiful bluebells….they are hard to shot even when not in macro as I’ve been discovering….I think blue confuses my focus, and then they will keep swaying in the breeze šŸ™‚

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