One from the Butterfly House at Bristol Zoo.

It is not perfectly focussed, but as I am still honing my macro skills I am not to upset. The little fellow was good enough to sit still for quite some time, but even with image stabilization keeping a steady enough hand is quite a challenge.

Still, despite the flaws I feel it is worth sharing.

Thanks for looking.



Edit: I had a look through my snaps of this insect and discovered a slightly better shot. Rather than create a new post or remove the above image and change the text, I just thought it would be easier to just add the other (better?) snap.




4 thoughts on “Butterfly!

  1. I think remember that you ‘ve got the niksoftware collection, did you try to use the sharpener module to make the up wing more sharp? or the micro contrast in lightroom?

    • I tend to do my sharpening with the picture in RAW (therefore in Elements). These were then tweaked a bit more in Viveza.

      The main issue (apart from shaky hands) is the depth of field is so fine. It can be a matter of a millimeter out and that will be enough…but there will be a nicely in focus butterfly knee. (I have some shots like this 🙂 ).

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