Black Widow!

Black Widow Spider

One of my photographic joys is visiting a good zoo.  And a look through this blogs archives shows that it has been far to long since my last zoo adventure.

Two things to note.

1/ Bristol Zoo is awesome, apart from a fair amount of animals to photograph and watch they also do loads of conservation work.  I tend to feel that a visit is essentially a charitable donation.

2/ I am learning the ropes of my newest favorite lens. A 100mm macro lens to be precise.  It is great, but it is a precise tool and it is easy to mess up depth of field on even regular “portrait” shots. Getting down to the macro level is a whole new level of photography as far as I am concerned.  Even a millimeter or two can be the difference between sharp focus and blurry rubbish.

It is going to be fun learning the macro ropes.


Needless to say, I took a LOT of photos today, and I am willing to bet the great majority of them suck (I may be just turned 40 this weekend, but I can talk the lingo of the youth).  But I think I can present a few worthwhile shots over the next week or so.


I just hope you all like spiders…


Thanks for looking.














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