50mm of Experimentation.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to have Santa (employing my wife by proxy) bring me a 50mm 1.8 lens for my Canon 7d.

I am still playing around with it, getting a feel for what it can do.

Two points of interest have become apparent, 1/it is noisy!.  My beloved 70-200mm is almost silent, this little 50mm whirs and grinds away with cheerful enthusiasm.

And 2/ It is sharp!. The detail contained in a given shot is impressive, and possibly puts my 17-55mm to shame.

Which given the price difference is either great or awful depending which lens you are using.

But enough of that, on with the snaps!

I should add that as much as these are a play around with the 50mm they are also a play around with Nik software.

So here we have Clent (again!), via a 50mm.

Clent hills.


Clent Hills


Clent Hills


Clent Hills

Thanks for looking!


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