Fun With Fog!


Another snap from foggy Kinver, taken yesterday.

This was captured with my new toy…a 50mm lens. The cheapo one for £80.

For the price it is amazing, and the fixed 50mm will be interesting to use, especially  as it’s really a 80mm due to the crop factor on the Canon.

It does seem to be a lovely portrait lens.


Thanks for looking.




13 thoughts on “Fun With Fog!

  1. Wow, that is beautiful! I really like the fence in the background. What settings did you have your camera at for the picture?

  2. Nice…And we may well have walked past each other. I started below the cave houses and walked right over the top in a 2 and a 1/2 hour loop….All the time wishing I had my camera ….. but I’d promised my wife a lens free day. Sob.

      • Dry cleaning bill is in the post…
        Only joking…we were muddied by a wire haired fox terrier, a black lab and a sheltie ….but no springers…You’re in the clear!
        Have a great New Year.

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