Spangly Tree and a Nik Efex Tip.



The above isn’t the greatest result of my experimentation. But what might be of more interest for any users of Nik plugins is that this the result of a pre-set called “Black Gold”.

Black Gold (assuming I have remembered the name correctly) was one of many recipes and pre-sets available to the users of Nik products when they where their own (expensive!) company.

When Google acquired Nik early this year those pre-sets and recipes vanished into the digital ether.

I thought this was a shame, and was one of the negative aspects of the Google take-over, but given that the aforementioned Google reduced the prices hugely (and retroactively!) I was not to bothered.


However, all is not lost!


Enter….The Way Back Machine. This is pure nostalgia in and of the internet. Random pages preserved for the ages from yesteryear. As a side note, a quick peruse of the web from even a few years ago will show how things have changed.  Its weird in its own way…have a look. See for yourself.

But of relevance to this post, the Way Back Machine has cached the original Nik website along with all the plug-ins!

Now it is fair to say that you probably won’t use very many of them, maybe even none at all. I cannot see a use for a great number of them, but this is all about options.  And the more options the merrier in my book.




Nik Plugins from Way Back when!


You may never use any of them, but how can anyone not want a plug-in called “Tony’s Tiny Dancer”?



Thanks for looking.


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