Woodland Lightshow.


I have photographed this tree before in this fashion, but that was earlier in the year when the leaves were full and the ferns were green.

Back then it occurred to me that it might be interesting (to me if no one else) to take similar photos throughout the year when the predominant colors would be wildly different.

Well, it has been a long, green and seemingly damp time since that thought…but we finally have some of that wildly different color I was hoping for.

According to the weathermen we (in the UK) are in for a very harsh winter. Assuming they are even half correct I look forward to snow and fog and dramatic skies.  One thing I have learned about my own photographic preferences over the last year of trekking out and about almost every weekend is that I prefer the winter. I simply find the woods are more interesting to snap in the autumn and winter than in the summer.

The summer may be pretty, but it is rarely moody.

I like moody.


Thanks for looking.


6 thoughts on “Woodland Lightshow.

    • Thank you:)

      It is not too tricky, but you would need a DSLR I should think.

      Find the thing you want to snap and brace your camera as steady as you can. Set the shutter speed fairly slow (1/6 or 1/8 of a second seem to work for me) then take the snap. But at the same time zoom in (or out). Then repeat as many times as you have the patience for,:)

      Most will be rubbish, but the occasional one will be nice (if you get lucky).

      Its a fun trick, and you can’t really predict what the final snap will look like.

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