The Ercall


Right next door to The Wrekin there is The Ercall.

The Wrekin is just off the left of the picture, you can the beginning of its slope in the center left.  The Ercall is, frankly, a bit rubbish. At least, it is not really worth the climb if getting nice snaps of the Shropshire countryside is your aim.  The climb up is not really very long, but it is very steep and quite treacherous on the way down. And when you get up the top there is quite dense woodland all over, thus not much in the way of views.

This is taken from about two-thirds of the way up and the view overlooks the plains of Shropshire, with the foothills of Wales visible in on the horizon.

Also, on a technical level this picture seems to be randomly resized smaller than usual. It is probably because I am knackered, but it is oddly small  nonetheless.

When I am less tired I will try to re size it again, thus rendering this part of the post irrelevant and odd.

Anyway, thanks for looking.

Edit: Now bigger!


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