Buildwas Power Station

Buildwas power station


From the top of The Wrekin there are glorious views of the English (and Welsh) countryside.

Inevitably there a few roads (and motorways), but by and large there is not much to find fault with.

Except for this power station. The Buildwas Power Station.

It sits there in the middle of the green fields like a big concrete thing. Which it is.

I have seen some very cool photo’s with power stations, there is something very dramatic and imposing about their structure. For the point of view of this snap I couldn’t really get much closer (as in, I didn’t have the time and was very tired by this point).  So the angle itself is fairly unimaginative.

But, necessity is the mother of invention. And Nik Silver is the savior of many a boring shot.

So here we are, and attempt to inject some imposing and moody drama into a shot that wanted those qualities…but the dog and a knackered photographer conspired to prevent them being present.


Thanks for looking.


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