Sunset Over the Black Mountains!

Clent Hills, Sunset.


I know, it’s not the greatest photo in the world.  The reason I am posting it is because “Sunset Over the Black Mountains” sounds cool.

The Black Mountains in question are in Wales, this photo was taken at the top of the Clent hills in the Midlands of the UK.  The mountains are only just visible immediately below the setting sun in this snap.

I plan on trying this photo again at some point, but next time I will use my 70-200mm and try to make more of the mountains themselves. This was taken with my trusty and battered 17-55mm. Good for the wide stuff, not so good for taking photos of distant mountains in (technically) foreign countries.


Thanks for looking!




9 thoughts on “Sunset Over the Black Mountains!

  1. I think it’s a lovely photo! 🙂 But i get why you say that…The most difficult part of starting my blog was to choose which photos to upload. Almost all of my older photos look like they are nothing great in my eyes. But other people see them with fresh eyes and maybe they can appreciate them more, since they are watching a moment they haven’t experienced.

    • I appreciate that, I find it sometimes difficult to judge the worth of my photo’s. After you have spent any amount of time tinkering via photoshop or Nik it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees (as it were).

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