Wrekin, The Third.

The Wrekin

This is the third version of the same image I have presented here, the image was last seen in (cue surfspeak) EXTREME RADICAL form.

I have come to really like that nutty version, but it only seems right to present a more regular mono version. especially as V-light Photography was so kind as show an interest as to what such a “regular” version would look like. I say “regular” because I don’t think Nik Silver gives just regular results.

For total completeness have a link to the color version also. HERE.


Thanks for looking,


5 thoughts on “Wrekin, The Third.

  1. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey there! Well, i must say i like this one the best! It’s certainly better than the colored version and i don’t know if we can actually compare it to the extreme radical version, since that one has its own charm. If you want my humble opinion, my eyes do enjoy this one more. I like the many layers of texture, grass, dirt road, stone. the fields and the clouds. And that little tree standing alone at the right lower edge gains more significance with this editing. We couldn’t even see that it was there, in the radical version. I think it adds something to the photo and it’s perfectly positioned there. So my conclusion is, that the radical version is nice as a more abstract art piece but the “regular” black and white shows a photographer that actually knows what he was doing by choosing an excellent framing and getting a nicely exposed image. It’s up to you to choose what you want to convey to the world! Both are nice

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