Conwy, Wales and The Answer.

Conwy Bay

I happened to be briefly in Wales this weekend, Mrs Maybrick and I had the opportunity to spend the night in Conwy, Wales.

I have been to the central parts of Wales quite often, but I am less familiar with the coastal places to visit. So I jumped at the chance to see Conwy (which is on the north coast of Wales…turn left at Liverpool and drive down the A55). Although I knew in advance it would only be a fleeting visit.

And worse, a visit without much time to bust out my 7d and get snapping.

I didn’t really get to take the pictures I wanted, partly because of the rush I was in (that parking meter was ticking down…) and partly because of complete apathy.

I was tired, and a bit hung over.  And feeling lazy.

So now as I look at these snaps I am just a bit irritated with myself…surely it wouldn’t have been that much effort to get up off the bench and get closer to that boat. But apparently it was extremely difficult. Sigh.

Perhaps if everyone reading substitutes their own mental image of this boat, their own ideal boat photograph….


But that cheating aside, I was struck with the name of this vessel. “The Answer” is perhaps the coolest and most intriguing name for a boat I can think of.  You have to wonder what the Question is! And if you have read any Douglas Adams the number 42 is no doubt buzzing around your head right now.


Have one more, color this time.


Conwy Bay and a Boat

Thanks for looking!


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