Nik Silver Experiment.

The Wrekin

Within the Nik Silver plugin for your photo editor of choice there are a ton of options, lots and lots of different things with which to adjust your image. Some of these are mere tweaks (apart from the removing color). Some are very subtle, for instance you can adjust the “film” setting. You can give the effect of Kodak film (amongst others) if you wish.

And then in contrast to the subtle effects you can go crazy.

I find crazy interesting, not least because you can change a photo so completely it becomes its own thing. But I find crazy interesting because I wonder if crazy = good.  Obviously this is always going to be subjective, and I tend to create these images for me first and my loyal band of subscribers second.

But I am always keen to find it if it is just me that likes an image or whether other folks like them to.

This image is a reworking  of THIS picture. And while the original version is “just” a picture from the top of the Wrekin, this is its own animal.  To my mind it seems very sinister, but I wonder if that is a feeling it evokes in others.


So thoughts and opinions please.


Thanks for looking.



11 thoughts on “Nik Silver Experiment.

  1. Love it ! It’s seeing just this sort of transformation of a great image into another with a completely different feeling that makes me want to experiment more .
    I haven’t been all round the Wrekin yet 😉 but walked along The Stiperstones recently so must have seen it from afar .

      • Assuming Nik (Google I suppose really) are still bundling everything together you can’t go wrong. My two favorites are Nik Silver (obviously 🙂 ) and Viveza.

        Viveza just gives you fantastic control over your image, I love it.

  2. I love the whole Nik software suite to be honest, i use it 98% in all my editing. Silver efex is by far the best plugin for black and white photography. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to not having any blown out highlights or shadows in my photos, so seeing your original picture, i do wonder how it would look like in black and white with all the detail intact. But again that’s a matter of personal taste. Your result certainly has a more powerful and mysterious look. I think the strong highlights slowly fading to darker tones at the sides and meeting the dark mount in the middle, create an interesting balance in the image. Would be nice to see more Silver efex experiments from you 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments:)

      A regular mono version (as regular as you get with NIk Silver) will be up very shortly.

      And as I never really tire of playing around with Nik Silver you can be sure more experiments will follow,

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