Surreal and Unintended.


The above is the completely unintended and unlooked for result of the background of a snap being at least as interesting as the foreground.

The original snap has already been presented in a cropped form, focusing on what the shot what ostensibly of. HERE.

But this is of (obviously) the out of focus background that usually is just that…background.  But in this case, I think I have come to like the background more than the foreground.

Maybe its just me, and maybe it’s my current battle against the flu. Not man-flu I hasten to add. I have spent the last 48 hours only semi-conscious and with aches and pains dialed up to 11. But today sees my blogging strength return, but am I delirious still?

So I am interested in opinions. Am I still suffering from a fever and am in fact still delirious as to thinking this is at least interesting?

Or am I just plainly wrong and this is rubbish. Little more than a few more wasted bits of bandwidth on the information superhighway?

And does anyone, anywhere still use the phrase “information superhighway”?

Thanks indeed for baring with my illness induced ramblings, and please do comment,

Also, for reference.

The original, in its least edited form.

Clent Hills.


8 thoughts on “Surreal and Unintended.

  1. Ahhhhh the flu sucketh mightily!!! And it’s an odd time of the year for it too!
    As far as the photo, I kept looking at it, thinking that it hadn’t downloaded properly to my screen. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

    • The flu is a harsh mistress:)

      It is entirely likely the snap is crap, I’m curious as to opinions. We will put “not downloaded properly” in the negative column.

      Which is fine:) it is perhaps kinder than I was expecting!


  2. At the end of the day, if you like it that’s all that matters.
    I would suggest turning it upside down as is, bring a much more sinister image – dried blood comes to mind.

    As for the flu – I hope you have sole use of the keyboard – damn virulent is flu virus.

  3. It’s the sort of abstract image I think would look fantastic printed on canvas…would give it a textural element to add to the abstraction of the image. I think it’s cool 🙂 No fogginess to my eye

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