Three Angels, Full.

Angels in a Sculpture, Gloucester Cathedral.

Back in July I presented a different take on the above sculpture/frieze(?) at Gloucester Cathedral. (HERE).

I thought a different subject matter would be a nice change of pace from the hill and grassy rural snaps of the past week, and I always intended to display the full version of this image.

I quite like this art, there is something oddly reassuring about it and also a bit macabre. Quite an achievement to combine those two notions.

I presume “The Sea Shall Give up the Dead” is some Biblical reference, it has the ring of Revelations to me.  I can’t help feeling sorry for baby, it would appear it drowned and then was (will be?) uplifted to Heaven.  No X-Box, no Breaking Bad and no being confused as to whether Man of Steel was a good film or not.

Unless all those things await in the eternal hereafter.

Thanks for looking.







And, just because I am unable to resist…


Have a mono version also.



Angels in a Sculpture, Gloucester Cathedral.


Thanks! (Again).


One thought on “Three Angels, Full.

  1. found you in WP-wide.Beautiful pictures haste because in the network gestellt…hab subscribed to you.Sincerely Andrea

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