Wrekin in Mono.

The Wrekin

A few days ago I presented the color version of this image, which I like very much indeed.

But I also really like this mono version.


And if I am posting one alternate version to pictures already shown I may as well post another.

The Wrekin, United kingdom.

Thanks for looking.


9 thoughts on “Wrekin in Mono.

  1. Love the mono version of the first image, particularly the DOF. Shooting blades of grass can be tricky, but I really like your image.

    Not so much the second – it looks a bit too busy with all those clouds distracting from the detail on the ground. I particularly like the bottom half of the frame of the grass and hills in Monochrome, so perhaps it’s the numerous small clouds that are the problem for me. Not that you need to take notice of my taste – I guess we are all different.

    • Cheers for the opinion:)

      I tend to agree about the second one, usually I am all about the mono but I am a little unsure about this version. I like all the individual elements, but combined together it is a bit busy. The color in the original version breaks it all up nicely.

      Thanks for taking to trouble to respond:)

  2. I prefer the b&w version of the first image as well. It seems to emphasize the lines of the grass better. And I agree with Victoria about the second – there is an imbalance between the pastoral beauty of the earth, which you have captured so masterfully, and the surreal treatment of the sky. Thank you so much for your interest in Gwichyaa Zhee I look forward to visiting your blog again many times.

  3. Wonderful, don’t you love it when you get two great photos out of one 🙂 I love the grass, I’ve been really drawn to taking grass shots myself recently…the time of year I suppose

  4. I love the mono grass; although the colours are great in the colour version this seems to have more of an emotional appeal.
    I’m afraid I agree with Victoria and Dave about the second image. However, I love the sky! How about a square crop featuring the sky and cropped just below the little tree on the right? Just a thought ….

    • Thanks for the comment. That second one is a puzzle to me, I like both the top and the bottom halves. But I agree that together they overwhelm each other. To much of a good thing maybe:)

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