The Wrekin II

The Wrekin, United kingdom.

Another shot at the top of the Wrekin in Telford UK.

What may be of interest to those who are interested (a statement from the Department of Redundant Statements Department) is that if you look to the horizon then (very roughly) to the left is England and to the right is Wales.  Telford is only about 25 miles from the Welsh border, so that country is easily visible from a high vantage point such as this hill.


Thanks for looking.




8 thoughts on “The Wrekin II

    • It is odd to think that wars have been fought and who knows how many people killed over that invisible line.

      The entire top of the hill was used by the Romans as a military fort.

      I think humans are very good at being very stupid sometimes.

  1. Good lunch
    Your pictures are very beautiful.Klasse.Hab sends a beautiful Sonntag.Herzlichst and many hugs to you Andrea

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