The Wrekin.

The Wrekin

Before I set out on Saturdays little adventure to the Wrekin in Telford I checked my trusty I-Phone for the weather report.  I had no wish to brave untoward weather.  But the little icon for cloudy was displayed.

This made me very happy indeed.

Clouds and Nik Silver Efex Pro are a combination that (in the parlance of the internet generation) is made of win.

I am rarely able (or willing) to get to such places as I like to photograph in the very early morning or evening to catch the best light. Often the intention is there, but while the spirit may be willing for a stupid early morning the body refuses to play ball.

So all to often (usually at the Clent Hills) I am faced with a glorious and sunny afternoon, with bright clear skies (is it only photographers who look forward to overcast days?). Washed out colors and boring skies then ensue.

But on this occasion the skies were wonderfully cloudy and grey,

And I knew what my beloved Nik Silver would do to such images.


Any thoughts and comments are welcome.


Thanks for looking.



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