Going Around the Wrekin.

The Wrekin

“Going around the Wrekin”.

That’s a phrase I have used all my life, and until very recently I had given no thought to how it (the phrase) originated.

But I recently stumbled across the Wikipedia entry for The Wrekin. And there it was…the origin of that phrase I have used a thousand times.


From Wiki

“All around the Wrekin” or “Running round the Wrekin” is a phrase common in Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Stafford, Birmingham and around to mean “the long way round”, in the same way that “round the houses” is used more widely. “To all friends around the Wrekin”, meanwhile, is a toast traditionally used in Shropshire, especially at Christmas and New Year.

Once I read that little factoid I had to go. Who could refuse to “go around the Wrekin” when one can actually around the Wrekin?

So yesterday myself and the faithful and over excited hound took a mini road trip. And I am very glad we did.

The view from the peak of the hill (407 meters high, and mostly straight uphill) is glorious.

Not only are the views well worth spending some time admiring, but the amount of insect life would be an entomologists dream. Horrid numbers of flies were the downside, but I have not seen so many Peacock Butterflies in years. And crickets were everywhere.

If only I had had a macro lens!

The above shot is an attempt at a panorama, which is a tool I have not really had much cause to use. So it is a little rough around the edges, and I think I need a few more attempts to get it how I would like it. I think the horizon is a bit uneven, but in order to correct that I would lose even more height off the image and it would also not look as nice. So leaving it a bit crooked at least leaves more image to look at.


And I was not expecting to win any awards anyway,  we shall chalk it up in the “lessons learned” category.

In order to fix the issue properly I would probably have to return at some point and re-take the series.

Which is no bad thing!


Does anyone have any tips to add for getting decent results for a panoramic shot?

I would love to hear how others go about it.


Thanks for looking.




4 thoughts on “Going Around the Wrekin.

  1. I quite like the bumpy horizon, it adds texture and character to the wonderful scene spread out before us. Aren’t the colours wonderful at this time of year….and very interesting about the derivation of the saying…I love that sort of stuff 🙂

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