Zombiewalk, Birmingham 2013.

Zombie Day, Birmingham July 2013

The end of July saw horrors unnumbered stalking the streets of Birmingham, UK.

Undead creatures from rubbish Resident Evil movies, undead ’80s pop stars from classic pop-videos and scary children…they were all out.


I am of course referring to the Birmingham Zombiewalk.

There is little point me relating in much detail the events of the day, mainly because the Curse of Zombieday struck me again.


The Curse is the event that always crops up on this day of the year that prevents me from attending. I have wanted to go for a few years, not to participate as a zombie…but as an intrepid (and self-appointed reporter).

This year all was well, everything looked like I could make it, I had cleared my (day-job) work schedule. I was going!


And then with but a few weeks to go the organizers were obliged to change dates.  This was out of their control (and in truth I am unclear as to the precise details). So, obviously they changed to a day that I would have real problems attending.

The Curse is ruthlessly precise in such matters.

I was working (on a Saturday! the horror!) in the morning and was required to be in very early.  And while I finished in time to attend, I was very tired.

As the afternoon wore on, and the numbers of undead rose, so to did my tiredness. Seriously, I dislike getting up a 5.30 am.

And so, after taking a few pictures and getting bored with waiting around for the Walk to begin, I displayed the true Blitz spirit for which us Englishmen are known.

That is, if by “Blitz Spirit” you mean “going home in a over-tired huff”.

I am actually quite good at stropping when tired.


At least I managed to get a few pictures this time, and as to next year…the Curse can’t strike 4 years in a row. Can it?


Zombie Day, Birmingham July 2013


Zombie Day, Birmingham July 2013

Thanks for looking.




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