Golden Eagle!

Golden Eagle

It has been a long time since I visited the Hagley Falconry Center.  March 2012 or thereabouts. Too long!

I believe I have presented a picture or two of this Golden Eagle before (HERE and HERE).

I love Birds of Prey in general because of their beauty. Even the Vultures are quite handsome and impressive.  But Golden Eagles I adore, not only for their rugged good looks, but for their utter badassery.

Seriously, is this eagle something anyone or anything would ever mess with?

It is not just “I am a killing machine so awesome I can fly carrying a mountain goat”. It’s “I can fly carrying a mountain goat, and I am cool!”.

Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

I am not joking about the mountain goat thing.  Do a search on You Tube for “Golden Eagle vs Mountain Goat” an watch in amazed horror at the ruthlessly impressive way these birds kill (big) goats and fly away with them.


Thanks for looking.


And remember, don’t mess with Eagles!


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