Worcester Cathedral, Again in Mono.

Worcester Cathedral, Black and White.

A black and white picture taken at a cathedral?

On this Blog?

Surely not!

As the title no doubt gives a hint, here we have a snap at Worcester Cathedral. A few weeks ago I presented this effort HERE, which is a view of that stained glass you can see here at the far end. This shot is taken about as close to the middle of the cathedral as you can get.

Pretty beautiful place to spend a few hours exploring.


Thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “Worcester Cathedral, Again in Mono.

  1. Great shot.
    It really shows the best of the cathedral interior.
    (sometimes it’s hard to capture the atmosphere of a large cathedral, but you’ve done really well in this image).

  2. Sorry for my comments posted in triplicate. They’ve not been showing up when I hit the ‘post comment’ button so there’s been some repetition! Please feel free to delete the surplus comments!

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