Worcester and an Angel.

Worcester Cathedral

On Wednesdays mini odyssey of the cathedrals that I know and love, namely Gloucester and Worcester I captured more than a few angels!

Or at least, representations of angels.

The habitat of this particular fellow is Worcester Cathedral, and one of his fellows (far right) has been a visitor to this blog before. But that was quite a while ago and pre-Nik Silver.  I was always slightly annoyed with that previous shot because the focus point is slightly off. I was still learning the ropes of the 7d and simply opted for a wide aperture rather than trying to play around with a decent ISO level.

Consequently that previous shot has a narrow depth of field, leaving a nicely focused pair of praying hands and angel toes sticking out from the robes.

Correcting that snap was always on my list, and was in fact one the reasons for the return visit to Worcester this week.

But as I mentioned in Wednesdays post I was struck down with a short acting but deeply unpleasant illness. Valiantly I journeyed on, despite the afflictions.

But in my haste to return home to the healing powers of sleep and bed I simply forgot to retake that image. Idiot!

But I did get this one, and I think it’s better.  Or at least it doesn’t have the irritating focus issues, and of course it has the benefit of my favorite image editing gadget.

As a general observation I love what marble looks like through a mono edit.

Anyway, I am waffling a bit.

Enjoy the weekend, thanks for looking and of course…feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “Worcester and an Angel.

  1. I love the composition and use of dof. Can’t quite decide about the sunburst on the angel’s wing though …
    Certainly you have managed to get some beautiful tones in the marble – I really must head into Salisbury 🙂

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