Gloucester Cathedral. Fancy Ceiling.

Gloucester Cathedral.


Not going to say a lot about this, other than to mention that when in a Cathedral…look up!


Thanks for looking.


4 thoughts on “Gloucester Cathedral. Fancy Ceiling.

  1. Stunning I could look at this for ages! and such a crisp shot too. Living no where near a cathedral I had no idea the ceilings were so detailed. Thanks for posting this up. 🙂

    • Up is frequently the best place to look in a cathedral, very beautiful.

      I suppose the idea is put you in mind of looking up into heaven, but I think they were just showing off.:)

      • 🙂 I think you may be right.
        I’ve had some close encounters with trees from looking up. 🙂
        I suppose part of the beauty of cathedrals is that you go back again and again because there is so much too see. Something I’d like to do someday…in the mean time the sky is my cathedral 🙂

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