Three Angels.

Gloucester Cathedral.

Today was a day of mixed fortunes. On the positive side, I had a day off from work. Wahay!  On the negative side of things I have been quite unwell.

Struck down by some sort of random stomach bug type thing.

But rather than waste a days annual leave I girded my loins and strode forth regardless of unwell issues.

The results will be debated for centuries by future art historians. Probably.

I did get to visit both Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals, for the first time this year. But waves of nausea and a profound regret for having got out of bed and driven for an hour and a half on the M5 motorway meant I only stayed briefly in each location.

Possibly I could take this as a positive experience, my feeling like rubbish left me the primary desire to be quick and efficient.  Which I was, looking at what I managed to take today I am fairly happy with the various outcomes. Although in my haste I missed a few planned shots.

Ah well.

C’est la vie.

After that little story of my sorry day, I have presented above possibly my favorite image. At least it’s my favorite of what I have had the enthusiasm to edit.

It is a picture of a sculpture at Gloucester Cathedral, but significantly adjusted by myself and Nik Silver, and I am pleased by the outcome.


As always, thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comment or two.


11 thoughts on “Three Angels.

  1. Lovely image (and Nik Silver seems to agree with it).

    Sorry to hear you were unwell on your day off – hope it clears/cleared quickly.

    I know how you feel at the thought of a wasted day. I feel the same about wasting some beautiful weather.

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